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Protechnik Digital Printing

Protechnik d.o.o. is a leading company in Slovenia in the field of digital printing and after-treatment. Our greatest advantages are high-technology production equipment and the top-level qualifications of our technologists. This gives us priority over our competition in three major points: the quality of our products, our production capacities and our short response time.

The largest providers of advertising space entrust us with their digital printing requirements. We are one of two leading print shops in Slovenia, and the above-mentioned parameters put us in first place. We offer a wide and rich variety of materials and products, which we continue to enlarge and complement as we carefully monitor and follow the development of digital printing technology.


The vision of our company is to hold and strengthen our leading position in the field of digital printing in Slovenia and to extend the range of our production and our products, which are used in advertising and presentations of company and product trademarks (for example, in commercial processes and presentations).


We wish to ensure the superior quality of the products and services provided in the shortest possible time to our clients, thereby assisting them in guaranteeing effective presentations and achieving their business/commercial goals. We provide top-level production, because we closely follow the development of technologies and put them into practice in our products. We want to offer our clients printed matter of the highest quality available using currently-available technologies.


Our strategy is based on systematic monitoring and investing into the most-advanced technology in the fast-developing and changing digital printing market. At the same time, we guarantee education and training for our staff, and establish communication channels that provide for optimum cooperation with our existing clients, effective presentation of our products and assistance in reaching new customers.

Identity Card

Protechnik d.o.o.

Ulica Antona Skoka 20A
1230 Domžale

Phone: +386 1 724 44 35
Fax: +386 1 724 44 39

ID number: 1507397
VAT identification number: SI47896043
Initial capital: 2.100.000,00 SIT
Entry number in court registry: 1/32877/00

Business account:
LB Domžale: 18300-0253699104
Volksbank: 30000-000454322

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