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The Durst – Rho 800 digital printer belongs to the group of so-called flatbed printers, which enable direct printing onto hard and soft materials. It not only allows us to avoid processes such as paper covering and lamination, but also lowers the costs of production and increases the possibility of printing onto a wide variety of media. We should point out two additional printing options: printing of the colour white (as a background colour or a separate colour) and varnishing (for more vibrant colours, gloss effects etc.).


Technical data


Resolution: up to 600 dpi
Colours: UV-resistant pigment inks CMYK (process colour: cyan, magenta, yellow and key - black)
White colour printing
Productivity:up to 80 m2/h
Maximum printing width:205 cm
Maximum thickness: 7 cm
Maximum plate weight:70 kg/m2
Materials: a wide spectre of flexible and hard surfaces, such as lightweight “sandwich” foam boards (Kapa …), PVC foam boards (Forex, Komatex …), polycarbonate boards (Lexan …), plexiglass, PVC foils, aluminium, cardboard, plastics, paper, self-adhesive foils, ceramics, glass, wood, marble and many others.
Areas of use: all of the above-indicated materials are widely used for indoor and outdoor applications, such as: trade fair graphics and events, indoor and outdoor signage, POP/POS signage, interior furnishing, decorations, theatrical and film scenery, outdoor advertising, building site signage etc.

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